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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the app free?

Yes, the Locosonic player is freely available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Do I have to pay for soundscapes?

Most of our soundscapes are free at this moment, but as we will introduce in-app purchases in one of our next releases, you will find more and more paid content in the app.

Can I listen to a soundscape more than one time?

Yes, downloaded soundscapes never expire!

Do you save my walks, what about privacy?

No worries, we do not track anything.

I want to change my device, what happens with the soundscpapes I have already bought?

You can use your bought soundscapes on any supported device, no matter how often you change it. You will just have to log in to your Locosonic account from the mobile app and you will be able to download them again.

Does Locosonic work without an internet connection?

Yes, you only need an internet connection, when downloading soundscapes. After you have downloaded the content you can use it offline.

I want to produce my own soundscape, is that possible?

Definitely yes! We would be delighted if you used our online soundscape editor. All you have to do is to register an account and you are ready to go!

Where can I find sounds for my own soundscape?

Luckily we offer an interface to Freesound within the Locosonic soundscape editor, just search, browse and use more than 100'000 sounds published under permissive licences!

Are there any tools for recording and editing my own sounds?

Yes, there is quite a lot out there! Please have a look at our blog posts for more information regarding this question:

What about multilingual content?

At the very moment we do not support multilingual content in soundscapes, but we are working on it.